This fall, the group BI-2 presented to the public his new album “Horizon”, for which the musicians prepared fans since the spring of, introducing and announcing unexpected duets and songs, as well as on the eve of the presentation of the records have released a LIVE rehearsal of the new program, thus, summing up the audience to the fact that the tenth record will be an important event in the work group.  Released – and immediately went on a big tour on cities of Russia, and of course will bring the program in Belarus. Concert presentation of the album will take place in Minsk on March 31 on the stage of Minsk-Arena.  Tickets are on sale now.

work on the album "event Horizon" were held over the last two years, and in recognition of the musicians most difficult work was the mixing of the album, because the musicians were looking for a new sound within the group BI-2. In the end, the album includes 11 songs and 5 bonus tracks. Songs such as “Likes”, “Pilot”, “Alice” and collaboration with the Russian reference Occimiano “Viper” already familiar to the audience and are heard in many hit-parades of Russia and the CIS. By the way, Leva and Shura decided not to reveal the meaning of the album title and the songs, leaving space for the imagination of listeners of the album. The musicians admit that this “a certain crossword puzzle that viewers have to decipher and understand that we're encrypted’.

Specifically for the tour “Horizon” devised ingenious set design, which is perfectly complemented by the light and video shows. In recognition of the musicians, to speak out against the black backdrop – boring and uninteresting, so every show musicians they work hard and think through all the details of the upcoming performance.

this time was given the following task: we would like to see in each city whether Ryazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow or St. Petersburg-all our fans saw the same show. Regardless of the size of the area. And together with our friends, company «Imlight" we came up with a unique screen – turning in all planes. In three months they created special brackets – there are none anywhere in the world. Our screen will move in all planes and directions and the viewer will create the impression that he is in a space ship or even in space. Video content produced directed by Igor Shmelev and designed by MishkaLuganski. All will not disclose – you'll see   commented on the upcoming performances Shura BI-2.

of Course, on tour "event Horizon" BI-2 will perform the greatest hits, without which people simply will not let go from the scene.