Mikhail Zhvanetsky

Mikhail Zhvanetsky

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Mikhail Zhvanetsky – the largest reflective writer the last of the fiftieth anniversary. The success of Mikhail Mikhailovich – between him and the viewer no intermediaries: he says what he thinks and how he thinks. In his style there is no difference between the beginning, middle and end, there is no introduction and epilogues: always equivalent to the fabric of thought and speech.  Its expression have become winged: “I'm not cheerful, I'm upset”, “every man – the blacksmith of his own happiness and the anvil of another”, “crawl – all through” and many others. In short, Zhvanetsky-it's a genre.

I do what I love. When I'm choking unbearable, I write about it. Releases the throat – I write about other things. I write about what I feel and what I see. And sometimes enter the realm of politics.  Then leave her. But that's because you're moving. You can't die and not move. If you don't move - you're dead – speaks about his work Mikhail Zhvanetsky.

Mikhail Zhvanetsky – people's artist of Ukraine and Honoured artist of the Russian Federation, the author of “The Meeting on the streets”, “Two years for one”, “My Odessa”, “A collection of works" in 4 vols.  In 1988 founded the Moscow theater of miniatures, longtime artistic Director of which is up to date and host of the television show “DEGUMfirst country" (the TV channel «Russia 1»).