Open Kids

Open Kids

They are the coolest music videos Open Kids gaining millions of views on YouTube, their shows always sold out, and the total number of subscribers in instagram long ago crossed the mark of 3 000 000. In 2018, the band is celebrating its first anniversary: Open Kids 5 years old! In honor of this event, the idols of generation X go for a tour of CIS, and on March 10 will perform at the Metropolitan Prime Hall. Beginning at 17:00.  

Open Kids – five talented young performers who were able to make a real splash in show business.  Anna Muzafarova, Anna Bobrovskaya, angelina Romanovskaya, Valery Didkovsky, Julia] -  won the hearts of thousands of teenagers. Listen to them, imitate them, and admire them. 5 years Open Kids wasand the group number one for millions of teenagers. As recognized by girls, it happened only because they love that brings them great pleasure.

We inspire millions of children in motion! – boldly declare participating Open Kids.

For 2017 Open Kids gave more than 60 concerts, has released three music videos: “Seems”, “Generation dancing”, “Rowdy”, and also announced the creation of their own youth award “Bashka Kids Awards 2018», which aims to find talented children in Ukraine and help them to succeed. In their piggy Bank rewards “Breakthrough”, “Best band” and “Teenage project of the year”, the victory award Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards. Performing at the most prestigious music awards: RU TV Music Award, the Real prize (Russian Music Box), M1 Music Awards, high five! (STS) and the Main character (the First channel).

Young age does not prevent five girls show bright vocal and dance show, which is ready not every adult performer. Open Kids proved and continue to show by their example that there is no ideal age to achieve success. Just start to act now!