The national ballet of Georgia “Sukhishvili” long gained worldwide fame and love of the public. They are called “eighth wonder of the world”, “hurricane on stage”, “the magic of Georgia", and all concerts are held at a constant sold out in every country and city. Belarus is no exception: fans of the troupe are looking forward to the tour “Sukhishvili” in our country, and always greeted the staff with applause and enthusiastic responses. National ballet of Georgia “Sukhishvili” returns with a new show this winter: on 24 February the company will perform at the Palace of Arts in Bobruisk. 

Dynasty Sukhishvili-Ramishvili and patronage of Stalin

the national ballet of Georgia “Sukhishvili” was founded by the prominent Georgian dancers Iliko Sukhishvili and Nino Ramishvili in 1945, although the resolution was received by Stalin in 1937. In General, Stalin admired the dancing of Iliko Sukhishvili and, one might say, was the patron of the ballet "Sukhishvili”: in 1943 the team, not having the status, and spoke at the meeting of the famous “Troika” Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill in Tehran. And an autographed portrait of the leader, repeatedly saved Sukhishvili from persecution by local police and administration of Georgia.

the Idea of the first Georgian professional ballet dance completely owned by Iliko: he lived the dream and, of course, was the life and soul of the troupe, inspiring each dancer by example. Nino and Iliko wanted to show the world how unique and rich cultural heritage of little Georgia. And for 72 years he directs the ballet embodies all the plans in the lives of a whole dynasty of Sukhishvili-Ramishvili. Today all the works of the great grandchildren do ballet dancers - Iliko Sukhishvili Jr. – main choreographer, and Nino Sukhishvili – Director of the troupe. 

worldwide success, the Guinness book of records and the collection Yves Saint Laurent

With the first days of the establishment of “Sukhishvili” has toured the world, hitting its dancing inhabitants of the globe. Before the first concert of the ballet in Paris, the queue to the concert hall stretched for three blocks. Iliko then admitted that he had never seen anything like it. The speech was attended by many famous people: choreographer Serge Lifar, movie stars Simna Signoret, Yves Montand, gérard Philippe, Jean Marais, writer Louis Aragon, and many others. In the same hall in Paris “Sukhishvili” spent 35 sold-out shows in a row.

By the way, that after a tour in France in women's Vogue high boots and big fur hats. And in the collection of Yves Saint Laurent appeared large striped belt with bow, which are popular now.

the History of the troupe is rich in incredible events, many of which have become legends. So, in 1935, “Sukhishvili” returned to the USSR with a gold medal with the world Folk dance Festival, which was held in London. Queen of great Britain, impressed with the performance, personally handed it to Iliko Sukhishvili at a reception at Windsor Palace. Iliko flustered not knowing how to behave in these situations, just kissed her hand. The Soviet Union had discussed the case: even Stalin himself when meeting with Iliko reminded him about the kiss that dancer only blushed, but Stalin told him that he did the right thing: “Why should they think we are uncivilized?”

the national ballet of Georgia “Sukhishvili” became the only folk dance ensemble, which gave the right to perform on the famous stage of La Scala in Milan in 1967. The concert was a blast, and “Sukhishvili” brought in the Guinness book of records: the curtain rose 14 times! Thus was broken the record of Enrico Caruso, after the speech which the curtain rose only 11 times.

“Sukhishvili” today: tradition and modern choreography

the Dance, set to ballet for 72 years, have already become traditional. Of course, over time all the movements perfected and has been improved and altered structure, the architectonics and the individual steps of each dance. Daily search continues today: the viewer can see the changing of the production and how skillfully “Sukhishvili” combine traditional Georgian dance and contemporary choreography.

“Sukhishvili" everything is real: burning passion, incredible speed, grace and femininity of the Georgian women that hover over the stage, even coming in contact with your flooring and sparks from the dangerous dancing hot Georgian men. By the way, is the calling card of the ensemble, “Dance on the fingers”. Is a popular dance movement, which demands the highest skill of the dancer. He was beginning to learn the age of 5 years and hone skills throughout life. By the way, in this movement there is an element of seduction: has long been believed that kneels before the beauty is unacceptable, but on the fingers – a special style and enthusiasm.

Today the ensemble consists of 500 dancers and its own orchestra. During its existence, the ensemble has visited more than 250 tour traveled to 5 continents and over 100 countries, spent 18 300 concerts, presenting their performances more than 9 million people. In the collection of “Sukhishvili” over 2500 costumes, many of which are already in the Museum of the ballet. By the way, the national ballet of Georgia “Sukhishvili” insure your dance talent to gel 1 million – about 372 thousand dollars. This is the first time in the history of insurance Georgia, when dance ensemble insured all the dancers, including the musicians.