b-2 constantly surprise fans: they can easily hold 120 th festival in his hometown, to release a collaboration with rapper Oxxxymiron or to remove this clip blockbuster – as for the song “Whiskey”.

In the spring of 2019 Shura and Lyova of Bi-2 have another unforgettable show for fans in Belarus on 29 March in Minsk and 31 March in Gomel will take place the great concerts of the b-2 with a Symphony orchestra. Conductor-Felix aranovsky.

An ambitious project with an orchestra Bi-2 had been planned in 2003. Musicians wanted then to conduct an experiment and give a new-symphonic sound to their songs. And not only in the Studio but on the stage, staging a rock show accompanied by the orchestra. In the same period, Leva and Shura met with the Honored artist of Russia, conductor Felix Aranovsky, which has become a landmark. For the past 15 years, the creative tandem b-2 and Felix Aranowski pleases audiences with vibrant and colorful performances in which the fatal action b-2 sound in a symphonic arrangement.  

- For us it always starts with our original rock-n-roll sound. And the project with the Symphony orchestra, which is logical, makes sense only after we released our songs in the original performance. Then through the prism of personal perception and the music of the classical tradition we introduce students to new interpretation of our work, - says Lyova BI-2.

Especially for the upcoming concert of Bi-2 has launched a new programme: the Symphony arrangement includes the songs from the album "event Horizon" of the rare tracks from previous records of the team, has never been heard before with the orchestra, and, of course, all greatest hits b-2. Bright decoration of the evening will be a special guest of the show – the finalist of the TV show “Voice”, singer and composer Tina Kuznetsova. Together the artists will perform several songs, including “My rock-n-roll”.

Duration – 2 hours and 30 minutes without intermission.