Music team under the direction of Sergey Mikhalok, this year celebrates its third birthday! For this event the musicians released their third Studio album, “Rock”.  In Minsk concert presentation of the plate will be held April 21 at the sports Palace, where BRUTTO will demonstrate the power and excellent physical shape.  Tickets are on sale now.

In may 2017 BRUTTO released a new album “Rock”.  the disc includes 12 tracks in English, Russian, Belarusian and Ukrainian languages, among which revived “liapidevskii" hits “Doll” and “TV”, a cover of the hit British pop singer Kim Wilde "Cambodia", 1981, and already familiar to the audience “Seren VCI”, “Rock” and “Black Obelisk".

  We recorded this album in 2016.  In General, missed “start”. But even more fun, because even with a bad start you can come to “finish” first. BRUTTO leave the political (everything is clear) into a Large Religion (everything is uncertain). Sequere Deum! – commented on the album Sergey Mikhalok.

During the existence of Sergey Mikhalok and his “Team of the Revolutionary Fervor" has recorded three albums, took 24 of the clip, gave hundreds of concerts in Ukraine, Europe, USA and Canada, and triumphantly returned to Belarus, having acted in all the major cities of the country with solo concerts as well as headlining major festivals in Belarus. BRUTTO-the only Belarusian team to perform at the largest European festivales 2017 – “Sziget”. And the musicians don't stop: today BRUTTO are in the tour to Ukraine, release a full LIVE concert, filming new videos and write new songs.

BRUTTO – is more than a music group. It is a philosophy, citizenship and life vector. BRUTTO – a musical locomotive, where the songs – its fuel and fuse, and the fans – and warm heart.  In the Palace of sports fans will be able to not only hear songs from the new album "POKI” blockbusters alive, but also to break into the slam in the proven power of the musical Arsenal BRUTTO.