“Happiness is when you're here”: big Elka's concert in Minsk

6 Nov Elka again returned to Minsk with a great concert. The singer continues to coddle the audience with their “concert” - so Lisa calls his speeches, which charms the audience with charisma, sincere warmth and a special tone of voice. This time fans are in for something special, because the artist really knows how to sing about happiness.

“Ko I concerts come smart people who understand everything perfectly. On time — a couple of hours — we with them want to be in a naive fairy tale, leave in our pragmatic adult life to a place of wonder. You can watch the news and go with mind, you can watch the news and then back to something good, least your life. We not able to change everything, but something”.

for more than 15 years, the singer creates a unique music coming from the heart - 5 Studio albums and over 150 million views of clips for the YouTube. The Elka describes his style as heavy guitar R&B. Her songs regularly hit the tops of music charts broadcast by radio stations and are the soundtracks to popular films.  

during his career, the Elka has been repeatedly recognized as the most played singer of the CIS. “In a big balloon”, “About you”, “gray happiness”, “Forever”, “World”, “Let the music” - held the highest positions in all the hit parades of the CIS. In the kitty Elka seven statuettes of the award “Golden gramophone" prize of the TV channel «RU-TV” and “song of the year”, as well as full-length albums: “good” (2005), “Shadows” (2006), ‘This magnificent world" (2008), ‘the Points are placed" (2011), “#Nabi" (2015) and the live album "#2" (2015).

6 Nov fans waiting for two hours an unforgettable stylish show, during which the Elka will dispel the idea of the concert as solely a music event. Soulful vocals, the artist always combines with lively and emotional dialogue with the audience.

On the stage of the capital Prime Hall Elka will sing their biggest hits "Provence", "Marinate”, “draw me the sky”, “Fly, Lisa" new songs “Miss”, “Stay”. We are waiting for you!