HEILUNG Vikings will show their mystical saga for the first time in Minsk.

Danish neofolk band Heilung will continue their world tour in support of the album "Futha" with theatrical shows in Belarus.

HEILUNG is translated from German as "healing", which perfectly characterizes the aesthetics of the band. The European band recreates the sound landscapes of Northern Europe of the Iron Age and the Viking Age. The idea to revive in the modern world cultural traditions of pre-Christian times came to Kai Uwe FAUST, who specializes in ancient Scandinavian texts, and Christopher JULY. Later Maria FRANCH joined the team. 

In their songs the band uses many techniques: from flowing water to human bones, from reconstructed shields and swords to ancient tambourines and bronze rings. An integral part of this mystical act is the ritual show that takes you to the Astral to the all-consuming rhythms of shamanic and battle songs. 

HEILUNG performances are a mixture of shamanism, primitive wildness, crunching bones, ringing weapons and the thunder of drums. In paying tribute to their ancestors, the band uses special musical instruments: 

"One drum is covered with horse skin and painted with human blood, two more drums are made of deer and goat skin", - say the members of the group - "The bone of the human forearm and deer bone, the rattle of the buffalo horn, filled with human ashes, Hindu ritual bells rabanaster, whistles, tambourines and so on".


The concerts are performed not only by Maria, Kai and Chris, in some of the compositions they are helped by the chorus - a man's chorus, terrifyingly tapping with spears on stage and causing a feeling of impending battle, or female, performing ritual dances in the primordial form. To recreate the true spirit of that era, Heilung brings a truckload of massive scenery with bones, skulls and other occult objects from Denmark, with the help of which the group brings the audience into a real primitive trance.


"I am well aware of the time we live in," vocalist Kai-Uwe FAUST confesses. "We are lucky to live in an era of discovery and progress. At the same time, I think we've never been so disconnected from each other. Music should help us feel the unity that we had when we fought together for survival".


In 2015 Heilung recorded their first studio album "Ofnir", which suddenly became popular with the musicians themselves. In 2017, the live recording titled "Lifa" garnered millions of hits in a short time and the band's performance at the Midgardsblot festival in Norway, according to Metal Hammer, was voted Best Show of the Year. In 2018 the band won the "Best Underground Group" category at the Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards. In 2019 the music of Heilung was chosen as the soundtrack for the new season of the world famous series "Game of Thrones". At the same time the band released their second album entitled "Futha", which debuted in 3rd place at Billboard Heatseeker and 4th place at World Music Billboard, placing it on seven Billboard charts within the first week of release. 

Tickets for the band's European shows in support of the new album were quickly sold out, after which the band announced their first ever tour of North America. And in mid 2020 Heilung will bring their unique show to Belarus. Don't miss the opportunity to plunge into a real primordial trance and go with Heilung into the world of mysteries, shamanic rhythms and Viking fighting songs. Join the ritual!