Mikhail Zhvanetsky

Mikhail Zhvanetsky

“In any of us sleeps a genius. And every day stronger...". These words may important for many, but definitely not for their author, the famous satirist and writer Mikhail Zhvanetsky. He mastered the high art of joke and at the same time to improvise. The viewer can only guess that it is prepared, what is invented at the moment. The genius of satire and comedian will perform on February 10 in Minsk with the anniversary program in the concert hall Minsk. Beginning at 19:00.

a mechanical Engineer from the capital of humor of Odessa for 50 years, takes the stage and collects notices. Zhvanetski knows the recipe of a successful joke: more of reality, a pinch of irony and sarcasm, and, of course, the wisdom of optimistic mood. The uniqueness of satirical monologues by Mikhail Mikhailovich in the fact that all of them are laconic and profoundly philosophical thoughts that for so many years, cling fans. This is the case, when the audience genuinely love the artist for his work, which the satirist holds in the famous brown briefcase, which just goes to the audience.

In 2019 Mikhail Zhvanetsky celebrates 85 years. In the anniversary program of Minsk and guests will hear your favorite monologues satirist, such as “Life is short”, “Hello, this is Baba Yaga?”, “the pill”, sparkling miniatures "AVAS", "In the Greek hall”, “Girlfriend”, “How to treat elderly people”. Often his performances – is improvisation. Zhvanetski clearly feels the mood and desires of the audience, so all the concerts are held in the cosy and intimate atmosphere.

Over the years the work of Mikhail Zhvanetsky has released more than 10 books, such as “Meetings on the streets”, “two”, ‘My portfolio”, “do Not go short" "Hot summer” and other works of the artist and writer created many famous performances: “flying Bird”, “My Odessa”, “favorites”, “Political cabaret” and “Elderly Tomboy”.

 “What is our life: not used — starve, don't starve — used”; “enough to find their place in life, you have to find it first”; “it is necessary to add not years to life and life to years” – these sayings of Mikhail Zhvanetsky long been a popular expression. The satirist won numerous awards and titles including “Honored art worker of the Russian Federation” and “people's artist" of Ukraine and Russia. Since 2002, the permanent host and political satirist. “the Duty of the country”.