Mikhail Zhvanetsky

Mikhail Zhvanetsky

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“In any of us sleeps a genius. And every day stronger…”. The legendary author's evening of Michael Zhvanetsky will take place in Minsk

“Humor is rare as a talented person and talented time when you're cheerful and smart at the same time. And you fun discover the laws according to which people…”

Mikhail Zhvanetsky – it is a way of thinking, the name has long become a household name. Talented satirist very subtly and pointedly mocks the surrounding reality, revealing the baser side of life: sarcastically makes fun inherent in every conceivable weakness and vices. His humor – the art is to provoke people to combine Comedy and tragedy, farce and seriousness. 15 Mar genius satire returns to Minsk again to show the virtuosity of his improvisations and the mastery of spoken genre.  

“What is creativity? What is the cause of works? For the first time, apparently, is a complaint. Retaliation life - says Zhvanetsky, - After the applause, applause, applause, this way gradually added vanity. Drops. And you still continue to complain about life, but already know that it will be successful. And in this wild state you someone else explained that you have talent - read one-second complaint, he told you. Someone. And even a drop of vanity appears. And then more applause. And you first time paid. And the reason for the appearance of the works is made such that a shame to say”.

Mikhail Zhvanetsky on stage for more than 50 years: began working in the theater Arkady Raikin, and then collaborated with the Novel by Cecevim and Viktor Ilchenko, for which he wrote more than 300 miniatures and monologues. He is the author of over 10 books, including "Year two”, “My Odessa’, ‘My portfolio», «Odessa villas”, “Careful”, “do Not go short”, “Hot summer” and “the works" in 5 volumes.

the Satirist won numerous awards and titles: “Honored art worker of the Russian Federation», «people's artist" of Ukraine and Russia, laureate of television award TEFI. Since 2002, the permanent host of public-policy program “the Duty of the country”. In 2019 Vladimir Putin awarded the Mikhail the Order «For merit" of the III degree for his contribution to the development of culture. 

15 Mar admirers of Michael Zhvanetsky will find an exclusive evening where the audience will enjoy the sparkling humor of the writer, hear favorite monologues and satirical sketches. Meet in the Concert hall «Minsk”!